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Mood Indigo is one of the most widely publicized college festival in India, receiving extensive coverage by all sectors of media. In print media leading newspapers like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, DNA, The Economic Times and also several local dailies cover the festival throughout the year. In electronic media, the four day festival is covered by Radio Mirchi, Red Fm and prominent tv networks like 9X Media. Over the years festival has featured in several youth centric shows like MTV Wassup!, UTV Campus Attack. Some of the popular events which were broadcasted live on television were Sumo Wrestling On ESPN and Sahara, Livewire by ZEE Music and Choreonite with Shahid Kapoor as the celebrity judge by NDTV.

In this era of inbound marketing, even a tweet can reach to thousand people. Taking leverage of the networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Linkedin and others Mood Indigo has trended because of various publicity campaigns amongst its followers.

In this world filled with information everywhere, studios are working hard to grab eyeballs for their movies. Mood I, being the largest college fest in the country has acted as the perfect platform for promotion of movies.

If you are a journalist, a marketer, a brand/ movie promoter, a cultural organization, a performance arts academy, a creative professional, someone with crazy ideas, someone with sources of conventional and unconventional media or anyone just remotely connected with the world of media, or just anyone wishing to say hi, please get in touch with any of us. We’ll be happy to talk to you!

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Jeet Jhaveri
Navodit Sharma
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MOOD INDIGO, or MoodI, as it is fondly called, is the annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay. Held towards the end of December every year, it attracts a whopping 88,000 students from more than 700 colleges all over the country.

Started in 1971 by a bunch of enthusiastic IITians, Mood Indigo has now snowballed to become the largest festival of its kind in Asia. The colour chosen to be representative of the Mood was Indigo - a fusion of Red and Blue. Red for the warmth and passion of an artistic adventure, blue for the originality of the rational mind, giving Indigo - the symbol of creativity and intellectualism.

Mood Indigo has been the trendsetter for various festivals in the country. This year, your favourite fest is going to be more innovative, more crazy, more creative, more fun and more awesome than ever.

To make the 4 days of any individual attending Mood Indigo 2013 the most memorable and enthralling time of their lives.

To herald the start of unique cultural happenings in India, and to give a chance to young guns to break new ground on the cultural scene.

To position Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay as the most favoured destination amongst students & performers alike in order to establish cultural excellence amongst the best in India and the World.

To help those making it happen, unleash their potential to the fullest, enabling them to transform themselves into dynamic leaders and hence providing a fun and learning experience which they cherish for a lifetime.

Mood Indigo Office
Students' Activity Center
IIT Bombay, Powai
Kindly Login in with your Facebook Account to register for Mood Indigo:

If you are facing problems due to slow connection. Click here
If your college is not listed, drop a mail at
For any queries contact:
Himanshu Jaiswal
Vishal Poddar
What do I need to attend Mood Indigo?
All you need is a valid college Id-card to attend Mood Indigo.

Is there any entry fee for attending Mood Indigo?
There are no charges for attending Mood Indigo. Entry to the festival is totally free of cost.

My College has not received any invitation from Mood Indigo; can I still attend the festival?
All college students are invited to Mood Indigo irrespective of invitations being sent to their colleges or not. In case your college has not received any formal invitation from Mood Indigo and you want to come as a Contingent, you should get in touch with Hospitality and PR CGs. There is no registration fee unless you wish to take accommodation with us. The Accommodation policy will be released very soon on the website.

What is the last day to register for Mood Indigo?
Registrations for Mood Indigo are open till December 19th 2013. You are advised to get your MI number before coming to Mood Indigo in order to save time during registrations.

What is the last day to register for events?
Registrations for different competitions end on different dates. Keep checking the respective competition tabs for more info.

What are the timings of the festival?
The festival starts at 0000 Hrs 20th December and ends at 2359 Hrs on 23rd December 2013.

I am not participating in any competition, can I still attend MI?
Apart from competitions, Mood I also offers you the most enthralling Concerts in country, national and international artists, the wackiest of workshops, informal games, pool side parties and many more unimaginable crazy things. So, now when you know that there's a hell lot in store for you, we're sure you won't want to miss the best 4 days of your life.

For any further queries and correspondence, feel free to contact us:
Himanshu Jaiswal
Vishal Poddar
Ask Query:

Provide your MI Number to complete the Registration process and integrate your Facebook account for RFID implementation:
  1. Everyone willing to attend Mood Indigo 2013 must register and get an MI number. Each college should nominate a 3 Membered Mood Indigo Representatives Team comprising of a Contingent Leader (CL) and 2 Assistant Contingent Leaders (ACLs).
  2. The CL when decided should get a letter of consent from the principal of the college, stating the names of the Contingent Leader and two Assistant Contingent Leaders, and then come in contact with Hospitality and PR Core Group Members (Contact details given below).
  3. All participants willing to avail accommodation inside IIT Bombay campus during Mood Indigo should contact the CL of their college. Accommodation would be confirmed well in advance for the contingents through Contingent Leader. The CL would be given an access to a CL interface where he/she can select the students from his/her college who would be participating and availing accommodation at Mood Indigo. The entire contingent should be finalized latest by 5th December
  4. When your contingent arrives at IIT Bombay, you need to come to the accommodation Desk, Student Activity Centre (SAC) along with your college identity card. The CL should have a list of all the students in his/her contingent beforehand. You will be allotted your place of stay on campus, along with your registration booklet. Accommodation would be strictly on shared basis.
  5. The accommodation fee needs to be paid online through a portal. The link to the portal will be given to all the people allotted accommodation in IIT Bombay campus. For people paying accommodation fee online, an amount of Rs 1300 per person will be charged out of which Rs 100 is refundable. The charges will be the same irrespective of duration of stay upto a maximum of five days i.e. from 19th to 23rd December.
  6. On ground (during the fest) accommodation will be provided strictly subject to availability only after allotting accommodation online. For people paying accommodation fee on ground (during the fest), an amount of Rs 1400 per person will be charged out of which Rs 100 is refundable. The charges will be the same irrespective of duration of stay upto a maximum of five days i.e. from 19th to 23rd December.
    It is advisable to pay the accommodation fee online via portal.
For any queries and doubts, feel free to contact the Hospitality and PR core group members:

Himanshu Jaiswal
Vishal Poddar
What type of accommodation will be provided?
Accommodation will be provided to boys and girls in well secured separate residential complexes on the campus of IIT Bombay.

What are the accommodation charges for Mood Indigo 2013?
For people paying online, an amount of Rs.1300* per person is the accommodation fee out of which Rs.100 is refundable. For people paying the accommodation fee after coming to Mood Indigo, an amount of Rs.1400* per person will be charged out of which Rs.100 is refundable.
In exceptional circumstances the refund amount may be forfeited subject to one or
more of the following conditions:
i) Permanent damage has been done to the room/dorm/accessories where accommodation has been provided.
ii) Rooms are not vacated on or before 24th December 1200 hrs.

*The charges will be the same irrespective of duration of stay upto a maximum of five days i.e. from 19th – 23rd December

What is the procedure for online payment of accommodation fee?
Once a particular contingent is finalised by CL and their accommodation is confirmed by Hospitality and PR CGs, each and every person with confirmed accommodation will be given a link to the payment portal (along with invitation code) where he/she needs to make the payment online. In case an individual wishes to make online payment of some other people in his/her contingent as well, the option for the same would be available.

When will you confirm my accommodation?
You first need to register for MI and get your MI number. Your Accommodation will then be confirmed by the CL of your college in coordination with the Hospitality and PR CGs. The confirmation for the same will be communicated to the CL by 5th December.

My college has no Contingent Leader (CL) yet. Can I become one? Please contact the Hospitality CGs in order to become the CL from your college. The CL once decided needs to finalise the entire contingent at the earliest.

Are separate arrangements made for accommodation of professors?
A maximum of 1 professor will be allowed per contingent subject to availability but cannot be guaranteed. The accommodation charges for faculty would be double than that for the students.

Does accommodation fee include the food facility as well?
No. The accommodation charges don’t include food. However, there will be food courts operational during Mood Indigo to cater to the food requirements.

We have no such cultural committee in the college to nominate a CL and we are just a group of 4-5 people coming down to participate at MI 2013. How do we proceed?
You should nominate a CL/ACL amongst yourselves, get it approved from the college and then proceed in the regular manner.

We are a group of friends not participating in any of the major competitions and just coming to MI to have fun. Would we be allowed? Yes, you can definitely attend MI by registering from your respective college. However, for accommodation you can contact the Hospitality CGs and request for group accommodation.
Accommodation would be confirmed strictly subject to availability.

What is the procedure to be followed after we reach IIT Bombay?
You need to come to the Accommodation Desk, Students Activity Centre (SAC) along with your college identity card. You will be allotted your place of stay on campus and given a registration booklet.
In case of a big contingent, contingent leader needs to present the ID cards of all the people in his contingent at the accommodation desk along with a list of all the people.
Accommodation would be strictly on shared basis.

My accommodation is confirmed. But I am not reaching IIT Bombay with my college contingent and will be arriving separately. What should I do?
You need to proceed with the registration in a similar way. Irrespective of your time of arrival, your CL will have to register and pay for everyone in his/her contingent. The CL will need to present a Xerox of your ID card at the accommodation desk. As your registration at SAC would have been done by your CL you can then contact him/her and directly arrive at your place of stay.




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